On the subject of palabras…

“Words matter. If you cannot say what you mean, then you cannot possibly mean what you say…” a phrase so elegantly delivered by the character Mr. Johnston in the movie “The Last Emperor.”

On that note, I’m off to tell stories to little cute Korean preschoolers, hoping they will learn a few new English words and English songs!

  1. Jamie said:

    I couldn’t agree more! I get irritated with people who are lazy with diction.

    And korean preschoolers are so cute. I saw some in Korea, all decked out in tiny colourful uniforms,. They were scribbling furiously in their notebooks. 깜찍하다 !

  2. cherbie said:

    uhm, jamie, what’s “깜찍하다 !”?? heh. i only know there’s an “m” in the first word…

  3. Jamie said:

    It means small and cute in Korean. haha. apt yeah.

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