Pressed Flower Art

One of my good friend’s mom does pressed flower art. Meaning, she arranges flower petals of different colors, shapes, and sizes, that were collected on hikes, walks, overseas travels, etc., into a scenery, object, person, animal,…or into pretty much anything. Even more amazing is that these pictures have visual depth, vibrant colors, along with intricate designs.

I can only imagine the amount of time, precision, and meticulous hands and eyes that go into crafting this dainty art from Japan. Not to mention having a good knowledge of the different types of flora.

Always inspired by pretty and elegant things such as this one, I spent the last hour or so doing research on it and where they possibly teach this technique in Melbourne, Australia. There’s a World Wide Pressed Flower Guild site which connects and features such artists from all over…the United States, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, etc., and even Scotland and Spain, but there is NO mention of Australia! :-/ If anyone of you reading this happens to know of someone who does this in Melbourne (or anywhere in Australia), please drop me a note to let me know. I am rather interested in taking classes and pressing a ton of flowers into art. Arigato Gozaimas!! (Although, it seems like this art form can also be self taught, according to a few artists’ websites…)

A few other inspirational pressed flower art sites amidst a whole host of other such sites from Google are from:

  • Kate Chu – her artwork is slightly more traditional, more oriental, probably largely influenced by her Chinese background.
  • Ivetta Moore – saw some more contemporary designs; I like that she introduces western and modern themes to her repertoire.

And of course not forgetting my friend’s mom’s beautiful art pieces (such as the one below), which have been featured on my friend’s Flickr.

  1. Hi Cherbie , I am the Member’s Director for WWPFG . I was looking here for blogs on Pressed flowers considering starting a blog here too. I have a few I have been playing with on blogger but have ran in to a lot of problems not being able to get comments. Anyway that is another story.
    I liked your article and wanted to give You some info .
    1.} our website is a little behind we do have an Ausi and would love to have more ! hint hint! here is here site below her name is Teresa Seed.
    Let her know i sent You ! šŸ™‚

    now if you would like to learn there are classes at . Even a couple of free on the store site .
    Yes you can learn on your own but it is Much easier when you have people you can ask Questions every day if you like and We do offer that.
    check out my blogs and picture places if you like . I show how to make presses and a lot of other things .
    you can also find a bunch of us on facebook!

  2. Hello from South Dakota!
    I am also a pressed flower artist and member of the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild…a wonderful place to learn everything about pressed flowers! We have on-line classes every month that are taught by master artist from all over the worldd. And we do have a member in Australia. I will email her and have her get in touch with you.
    Warm regards,
    Marie Ann Robinson
    Prairie Petal Art

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