Love Without Boundaries

Found this really cute “Crafts for China” promotional button on one of the blogs I visit ocassionally, and spent almost an hour or so reading up about it and the organization, Love Without Boundaries, from which this project spun off.

Love Without Boundaries, a non-profit organization run by a group of Americans out of Oklahoma, seeks to provide help in China to orphans as well as children who need medical attention but have no monetary resources to do so.

The stories of the children featured on one of their website really touched my heart, in particular, those of children who were born with cleft lip and/or palate in China who were able to look “normal” and possibly speak “normally” because of the Anhui Cleft Healing Home. (Then again, how can one not be touched and melted from looking at photos of those cute little faces?)

This organization also reminded me of the famous “Operation Smile” project where a group of volunteer medical doctors, nurses, and speech-language pathologists travel to impoverished countries and cities to provide free cleft repair surgeries to these kids, as well as train medical staff there to handle such cases. (“Freakonomics” guy Steve Levitt has also blogged about this before on the NYtimes). Research has reported that Native Americans and East Asians (especially Chinese) have the highest prevalence rates for cleft lip and palate, hece, one can assume that there might be a ton of children in China needing our help.

Although I haven’t yet made any big donations, my heart goes out to orphaned and impoverished children, and know that my meager few dollars can and will help. The first step is creating awareness, and hopefully this little blog post would have done this movement some service.

God bless these people who have the heart for charity and for children.


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