Music makes me happy

It really does. A familiar song or tune almost always triggers a memory of a time in my life (when I had that particular song on loop; I’m one of those obsessive compulsive music listeners). For example, Lupe Fiasco’s “Superstar” reminds me of my time interning at the Methodist Hospital in Arcadia because I always had that song on my iPod when driving to work (smile); and Daft Punk songs reminded me of their amazing concert Bryan and I attended in 2007 and also of my time spent with my Frenchie friends. Oh, the list can go on! 🙂

Ever since I sold my precious little Corolla and left SoCal (didn’t have to drive or sit in traffic anymore!), I hardly ever turned on my iPod or touched my music collection in my iTunes. Today, I decided to resurrect that collection while mucking around on the internet at the Melbourne University library, and was at all smiles when I heard some of the songs of these artists that brought back great memories of the last few years…(okay, last decade, probably!!!):

  • Interpol (those dating days with Bryan)
  • Lupe Fiasco (already mentioned earlier)
  • Jamaroquai (working at Self Leadership International, with ex-boss turned good friend Zurina Bryant and one of my favorite Frenchies, Audrey)
  • The Gotan Project (those weekend drives up to Santa Barbara to spend time with Bryan)
  • Abba (Secondary school days; wedding planning days)
  • The Beatles (poly days!)
  • Michael Jackson (poly days!)
  • Maroon 5 (work days at Profero, time spent in San Diego, and my cousin Tammy who, like me, was obsessed with Adam Levine..heh)
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  1. ying said:

    i can so identify with how music is representative of a part of history. sleeping child was in primary sch…and we were actually having a sing along session in the main hall and i refused to sing it cos it was a secular song and at that time, parents banned us from listening to them. 😛 hilarious now when i think of it.

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