We’re IN!

So after a month of complaining about being bored and having nothing to do, God answered my whines and sent the huge US shipment to us the same day we officially moved in to the apartment. He also brought me to work at a telemarketing company for two half days a week (to earn some shopping money) pretty much after the shipment arrived. Our home internet was also up and running the same day everything happened.

Which means…I will not be bored for quite a while. Hurray!

Here are photos of a corner of the place taken before and after the shipment arrived.

Here’s the lovely view of the city from our place:

Ah. I’m off to work this morning but will be back later to keep unpacking the boxes and boxes of clothes and random stuff we brought from the US (stuff including – shampoo, conditioner, female toiletries, printing paper, scratch paper, etc…).


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