A Korean antidote for PMS

I blame it on PMS that I’ve been up since 3am and unable to get back to sleep. Grr.

Anyhow, I decided to make good use of the time and catch up on the post-Korean Drama episode, the “Coffee Prince Special” and also dig out music downloads to my favorite song from that show, “Voyage to the Sea” by Tearliner, the first Korean Indie Band. Okay, I don’t speak Korean, but the melody itself is so hauntingly touching, I knew its accompanying lyrics had to be as beautiful and from the translations of the song I’ve read on the internets, it didn’t fail to impress.

Here’s what someone else said about the song, which is pretty much what I said, but put more elegantly:

Sometimes, a song can move you with its melody, regardless of your knowledge of its language. Sometimes, a song can touch your soul, when you discover the meaning of its words. Sometimes, a song is more than just a song.”

Check out their song “Voyage to the Sea” and more of their fantastic work on their Myspace page.

Nothing like K-time to help with PMS. I’m sleepy now. Chau.


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