Curry love

One of my favorite foods ever is curry – any kind as long as it’s spicy. Despite my love for it, I have never made it from scratch (thinking it was a tall order) and instead always prepared it out of bottled pastes from the grocery stores. However, since I have developed a slight obsession with spices in the last few weeks (which probably stemmed from our trips to the Middle Eastern grocers (Spice Heaven! Oohlala!)), I thought: why not try making curry from scratch with these spices??? Yeah, sometimes I live dangerously.

So this evening, I tried out this new Indian lamb curry recipe found on this recipe site I’ve been trawling lately, Thereafter I realized that I, too, can make curry from scratch. It really isn’t as daunting as I had originally thought it to be!

(Photo from Recipezaar)

Btw, check this out: An Obama-Rama cocktail! Someone actually specially concocted one! Whoot. He has to win, right??

  1. Ellen said: really have become some sort of cooking guru!!
    I’ve always wanted to make curry myself too..did you have to grind spices?
    Also, I wish i could convert Matt too…he does not understand the depth of curry art and how it really could spice up the senses!

  2. cherbie said:

    haha. thanks…”guru” might be a stretch tho; i just follow directions on the recipes!
    no, i didn’t necessarily have to grind the spices. you could still try making curry from scratch, especially since you can control how much of the spicy ingredients (like black peppercorns or peppers) to add! that way, you can make half REALLY spicy for you and half not spicy for Matt. 🙂

  3. jamie said:

    Cheryl! You are amazing – I am in awe of people who know how to cook.

    I need to learn how to cook, I fear that I will set the kitchen on fire even before I chop up the carrots or wash the rice. Or something dramatic like that.

  4. cherbie said:

    *Curtsy* Thank you. Eh…but seriously, if Cheryl can cook, so can you!!! Come to Melbourne and I’ll give you intensive training. Heehee. How’s the Korean comin’ along.

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