“I’m from Obama”

These Japanese people were apparently campaigning hard for Barack in their little sleepy fishing town of Obama. According to this news article, people have even started selling fish burgers with Obama’s name after the presidential campaign started heating up. How cute!

AND, being industrious Asians, these Japanese have also apparently started making plans to cash in on Obama’s win to boost the town’s name and bring in more visitors:



“Yes, we can!!” What an awesome night it was. Sure, I think John McCain deserved better. His speech tonight was so gracious and down to earth, I couldn’t help but wish that he somehow pulled it off. Tho…NOT with Palin as his running mate. Maybe if the clocks were rewound…and there was no Obama and if McCain was a few years younger…

Anyhow, for once, I wish I was American to vote in this election. Who wouldn’t have gotten goose bumps after listening to Obama’s “Yes, we can!” speech! That guy is truly charismatic and a great orator. Bry is less embarrassed to be American. My American AND non-American Facebook friends are showing their exhilaration with constant status updates. Every single online newspaper I’ve visited is carrying positive headlines about the win. The Australian networks were broadcasting US elections all day. Even my mom is happy with the win. Let’s hope he brings good things and fixes the crumbling system.

It would’ve been so awesome to be in Los Angeles or San Diego right now.

Tho…the Prop 8 count is still in the works right now.

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  1. ronald said:

    i read with the democrats in the house and senate and obama in the oval office, there will be more crazy liberal spending and the economy problems won’t exactly be fixed till a long time. and this i read in nyt. same as what bryan reads? 🙂

    i’m elated he won too (as long a democrat gets into the white house never mind my poor hillary) but do note that most of the southern and midwest states are still truly “red”, especially the counties. it’s still quite frightening if you ask me. thank god the large electoral votes in the blue northern and coastal states prevail. and at least north carolina and virginia were the anomaly — in a good way.

    cheers to the next 4 years but i still have a reservation. i remember mr president elect said in his debate with hillary that he has no reservations “bombing” pakistan if he had to to snuff out the insurgents. what happened to “enemies are our friends”?

    fingers crossed. i sincerely hope he can be the next F.D.R.

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