Being Cherbie…

As I told mi esposo over Mexicano cena tonight, I think my brain has become even more malleable since coming to Melbourne. Malleable in its ability to adapt to various accents, codeswitches, and language switches as and whenever. Here’s uno ejemplo from tonight:

– Speaking with a Californian (aka American) accent to Australia classmates at Spanish class tonight

– Constantly tuning my ears to comprehend the Australian (and occasionally, British) accents

– Speaking (bad) Spanish, learning it, and getting used to listening and comprehending it

– Immediately after the cacophony of languages and accent variations in Spanish class, I called one of my Singaporean girlfriends and codeswitched to my “R”-less, “LAH” and “LOH”-filled English dialect when speaking with her

– After hanging up, I greeted and chatted with Bry in the my “R” and dark /l/ – filled faux Californian accent.

The transition is getting smoother. . . I think. Tho I admit, I still at times have difficulty understanding some Australians. But I think it’s a problem with them, not me. 😉


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