¡¡¡¡Hace muy calor!!!!

Seriously. Cannot. Think. Or. Breathe. Or. Do. Anything. AND IT’S NOT EVEN SUMMERTIME. WHAT!!!

Speaking of heat, whatever happened to the band “Hot Hot Heat”??? Their album “Elevator” was superb, and after that…???

And speaking of Indie bands…I’m not sure if I can post this yet but I’ve been keeping this urge to blog about it for too long. Gotta bloop it out now but will do so without mentioning names…one of the bands my two music fanatica friends are managing made it to the SXSW 2009 lineup!!!! Their music is really good and Bry and I are sooooo eggggcited for them. We’re *really* hoping they can come up with ’nuff money to go to Texas. Ah, if only we were still in the States, can totally go catch their act and hang out with the hippies together. Eh, can I mention names already??? 🙂

All right…as you can see the heat has made me really incoherent. I should stop. Ahora.


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