I am proud to say that I have started exercising again. As some of you are aware, I had to stop running for almost a year because of pain in my knees shortly after an intense summer last year when I ran at least 5km every other day. I never saw a doctor to resolve that problem. However, after some researching and talking to friends who have also have knee problems, the simple solution appeared to be 1) a good pair of trainers and 2) knee brace (and some say 3) take Glucosamine).

After purchasing my new pair of Brooks runners and a knee brace, I hit the paths and ran. My knees really didn’t hurt! Amazing! Of course, I was also extremely diligent about doing proper warm-up exercises before running.

Now, Bry and I have been constantly reminding and influencing each other to go for runs, which is nice. Last week, I ran three days, covering an average distance of 4km each run.  This week, I aim for the same.

We’ve also been talking about getting passes to the school swimming pool and bikes. Maybe this weekend!

Sure feels nice to be exercising again. Now I can EAT without feeling guilty! Heh.

Oh, and if you want to read about how Majority of Americans apparently don’t see the need to Physical Education, you can find it on The Onion.


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