It’s growing!!

My baby tomato is growing so big! And more tomato bulbs are forming!


Over the weekend, we also added a few more pots of plants to our current collection. We got Rosemary, Thyme, and a pot of lovely Osteospermum flowers. Yay! Little by little, this garden is expanding.


Bry cooked a big thing of pasta sauce yesterday with a bunch of tomatoes from the Vic Mart, and basil leaves from our garden. Soon, we will be able to make pasta sauce and other recipes from our very own produce!!

  1. ying said:

    the flowers are pretty!! 😀 wow…didnt know it could grow so well in aussie weather. 😛

  2. cherbie said:

    yeah!! they are!! i guess they will grow well in aussie weather…else they won’t be selling it!!! i think. i hope. oh no did i get duped. 😉

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