Our humble Thanksgiving dinner

Here are photos from or Thanksgiving dinner last night. For most American families, a Thanksgiving dinner has to be a home-cooked meal, and so we did it too (it also gave me something to occupy my time with). I spent almost 6 hours in the kitchen yesterday preparing every single dish from scratch. I even pureed my own pumpkin for the soup. Whew! A lot of work, but if you’re crazy about being gourmet about food the way I kinda tend to be, it can be very satisfying. Heh.

One dish I would like to highlight is the stuffing. I tried, for the first time, this Wild Rice and Mushroom stuffing recipe from recipezaar.com to go along with the fowl, and my, my, it was beyond delicious and amazing…and I’m not being hyperbolous about it. It made me wonder whey I didn’t just live on stuffing alone. The juices and flavors from the chicken and the stuffing interacted really well, really enhancing each other’s taste. MMmhmm.

I also tried this chicken preparation technique from a Kosher cooking site to get a more even and tender taste throughout the chicken, and would recommend it to anyone roasting a chicken or turkey this Christmas or at anytime: soak the chicken in brine (salt water) for at least an hour, then dry it with a kitchen towel, and leave it in the refrigerator for another hour before marinating it and roasting it.

Needless to say, I was EGGXHAUSTED, very stuffed, and a little uhm…red from all the Lambrusco by the end of the night (I also went for a 5km run and after that did a few more sit ups than I should’ve that morning.). Anyhow, apart from muscle aches from the exercise, I also had body aches from mashing potatoes and from all the arm movements involved in chopping, frying, and carrying stuff. SO…it gave me an excuse to not run this morning. Yay. 😉


(Apple crisp missing from the picture)


Stuffed roasted chicken


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