More square pendants

This time, using Japanese paper and got some silver chains. Pretty little things, aren’t they?



I just got myself a soldering iron, too. Am gonna source for supplies for making more advanced type jewelry. *Crosses Fingers*

  1. Kate said:

    Hi, I commented on the previous post but it didn’t seem to appear. Anyway, I was wondering if you could teach me how to make these lovely pendants? =)

  2. cherbie said:

    Hi Kate, thanks for commenting! Yes, these lovely pendants are actually really simple once you get the right supplies. I use glass tiles, matte varnish (modgepodge), a water-base dimensional adhesive, pretty paper (or self-designed paper) – cut to shape, and pendant

    Apply adhesive to flat side of glass tile (enough to cover whole surface), then stick paper on to it. Thereafter, turn it around. Squish out as much of the air bubbles are possible (play around with it – you’ll get it after awhile). Use tissue or Q-tips to wipe off extra adhesive.

    Let it dry overnight.

    I add another layer of cardboard (use super glue to attach) to seal the back of the pendant.


    Add pendant bail (use superglue).



    I get my supplies from It’s such an addictive site!! You can also read more on how to do this step-by-step (with photos) on: In fact, I started off doing this from reading her instructions!

    I hope this helps!! Let me know if/when you try them. 🙂

  3. cherbie said:

    Oh, one more thing: modgepodge is to apply to the back of the paper (before adding cardboard) and also sometimes to add to the top coat of the artwork (I used pens to draw some of them before…so wanted some kind of protective layer in case the dimensional adhesive destroyed it.)

  4. Kate said:

    Oh yes!! That was the blog that I chanced upon last time but I lost it. Thank you for your time to list out the instructions. I really appreciate it. I hope i could get the supplies from Singapore though. But i’ll take some time to try it out soon first. Once again, thank you so much =).

  5. cherbie said:

    no problems! i think the supplies – glass tiles – might be tough to find in singapore. i live in australia and can’t seem to find them around here either. (you want those that have the rough back so they can stick). but definitely worth to buy from the US people – some offer samples even! yes, try it out! you can’t stop afterward. 😉

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