More uploads on Etsy…

STILL waiting for my supplies. HMMMmm. In the meantime, I have been reading C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” (thanks for lending me the book, Ying!) which has been a very enjoyable read so far. I have to also go to the library later this afternoon to pick up Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species” and Jane Austen’s “Emma.”

But before that, I AGAIN went crazy at the beads store this morning. This time, I visited the Beads Company Victoria on Smith Street in Fitzroy. Boy, it’s SUCH a cool shop with a kinda old interior and have some very very old supplies, but mostly new and amazing supplies. And gosh, their shelves go so high you need a ladder to climb to get to some of the beads (think: old timey libraries…or Borders Bookstores!!). I got SOO lost in there. I spent almost two hours digging through stuff, taking beads out and then putting them back…and then taking them out AGAIN. It was a beads wonderland, indeed. Bryan is gonna get a shock when he finds out how much I spent there. (Gulp, I’d better make some sales on Etsy!!)

I tried making a charm necklace and other fun accessories…again, some are listed on Etsy and some are going to friends and family as Christmas presents! Yay!




  1. Yi-Ling said:

    Your stuff is beautiful! How long do you think it’ll take to ship to the US?

    • cherbie said:

      hello babe! thanks sooo much for the compliments…!! it’ll probably take about 4-6 working days!!! you wanting something for christmas??? i have some for sale on etsy. 🙂

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