Before we go…

This last week has been quite a mess for me. I first started by joining Etsy. Thereafter, been trying to figure out ways to improve on my online store and kept adding new items here and there. Which resulted in me spending an insane of time on the internet. AND THEN, realized Christmas is round the corner and have to get ready presents to ship off to Singapore and the US. AND to add to all that, we’re going away tomorrow for a week to Sydney and the Gold Coast. !!!!.

I have to … do another round of laundry this morning, do some ironing, clean up the house for a couple friends who are staying at our place and graciously helping us house sit and look after my plants, clean out the fridge…run to the post office to mail out stuff, pick up books from the library, work for a couple hours this afternoon, AND make more presents for people.

Oh, and this evening Bryan is taking me to a nice pre-birthday dinner at this Italian place, Maria’s Trattoria, just half a block from us that we’ve been wanting to dine at.

Too many things to do.

And I can’t believe I’m going to be another year older tomorrow. :*-(

Oh-kay. I had better tear myself away from the internet and get cracking!!

Just for kicks, here’s another pair of earrings featured on my Etsy. Check out the cute little beads on the sides. πŸ™‚ I’ll be taking quite a bit of my supplies with me so even if you buy when I’m away, I can still post them out to you sooner than later – no problemos!!!


  1. U do spend a lot more time on the computer once you join etsy, but it can be worth it.

    • cherbie said:

      hello! etsian! yes, i’m hoping so!!
      btw, sewing is still an uncharted territory for me…tell me, how long did you take to learn it? πŸ™‚

  2. Cynthia said:

    Hey Cheryl, feliz cumpleanos! Have a great time with Yvonne & Darren in Sydney & GC!

    • cherbie said:

      hola amiga. si, si, muchas gracias. πŸ™‚

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