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on my vacation. And, no, I didn’t just get back from partying. I am simply paying for my hubris: 2 cups of coffee and 1 cup of tea today – very smart move. Not to mention, the one sound I simply cannot stand listening to when I sleep is the ticking of the second hand and, of course, there’s a clock with a ticking second hand at my friend’s place (where I’m crashing over).


While the world (by that I mean Australia) is asleep, I turn to reading the NYT and scouring sites for more craft making tips, techniques, and inspiration. Tonight I found this lady, Erin, from New Mexico, who does metal stamping and soldering. She has some really fun designs like this French spring necklace:


You can read more about her work on:

I really hope to fall asleep soon.

  1. insanejellyfish said:

    thanks for including my pendant on your blog! Your jewelry is beautiful!

    I haven’t kept up with my blog lately… been sick… hopefully I will get back to it soon.

    • cherbie said:

      insanejellyfish – aww! i’m sorry to hear that. hope you get better soon and get to enjoy the lovely holiday season. đŸ™‚

  2. I hope you get some rest! Have a happy holidays!

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