Ending 2008 with a big bang…

Here’s my latest this afternoon. They’re really so cute and lovely, I want to hide one under my bed to prevent myself from selling it. 🙂

These pendants are made using polymer clay, artfully stamped (for some) and painted with acrylic, then sealed permanently in a layer of resin. J’taime uses pretty art paper embedded in resin. The curing time for resin takes about 4 days, after which these pendants are embellished with fun little Swarovski crystals, pearls, or little glass beads. Each pendant comes with matching 16″ chain (as seen in photos).

Fall Into Red USD16.50


J’taime USD17


Leaf Obsession USD16.50


Champignon USD16.50


Les Fleurs  USD16.50


They will be listed on Etsy as soon as I decide on whether or not to list them…but if you want this item or have a question about it, email me: cherylyap81[!at]hotmail.com.

I hope y’all have had an amazing 2008 full of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, laughs and tears…because, really, it’s all these moments that hopefully make us a better people, right? Mine, as some of you already know, has been filled with all the above. I’ve had as many smiling moments as I’ve had so tearful ones. But I feel so blessed, I can’t thank God enough for it. Two thousand and eight was the year of many firsts…

  • Living in a new town all by myself, getting to spend a ton of “me time”
  • Working in a hospital and getting to treat many wonderful and awesome patients with such great (and sometimes very long) stories to tell
  • Graduating from grad school
  • Having my parents and godmother witnessing my graduation ceremony
  • Taking part in an American graduation ceremony
  • Getting married (YAY!)
  • Moving to a new-old country
  • Living with a guy (hurhur)
  • Learning how to deal with bureaucracies
  • Joining the Etsy craze
  • Making jewelry/playing with resin….all the good stuff you see on this blog
  • Spending my first Christmas with Bry as a married couple and for that matter…spending our first New Year’s day together as a married couple
  • Growing plants!!! LOL.

Etc, etc., etc. I’m looking forward to God’s blessing and teachings for me in 2009.


  1. Very nice collection… I would list them and I wish you all the best for 2009!

    Jenni – Brisbane

    • cherbie said:

      jenni – thank you!! That’s encouraging! I’ll maybe wait till tomorrow to list them. *Nervous*

      Happy 2009 to you, too! 🙂

  2. sina said:

    Don’t hesitate, list them!! hehe..my fave is the J’taime and Fall into Red.

    Have a great new year cherbie!

    • cherbie said:

      thank you!!! 🙂 have a great new year too sina! God bless!! 🙂

  3. Jennifer said:

    hellloo! Thanks for the gift !
    Wishing you
    All the best in 2009 and Happy New Year. God bless you!

  4. Amy said:

    I think they are very sweet. You should list them.

  5. Kelly said:

    I love the new pendants!!! I think my favorite is the mushroom! Very nice!!

  6. You’ve just inspired me to post my 2008 firsts..of which I had lots. Your pendants are really sweet. You should list them but keep a few for yourself..selfish me 🙂


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