Happy New Year!

Hope you all are well rested from all the partying from the night before. 😉

Bry and I spent a rather mellow new year’s eve (i.e., no partying! But lots of walking!). After much walking (and I mean MUCH) through the crowds in Melbourne city, we came to a beautiful spot along the South Bank to catch the fireworks display. It was pretty spectacular, as all fireworks displays tend to be (though…I think the Singapore ones are better ^^).  However, there were fireworks shooting out from the top of some of the buildings in the city which was unusual and oh, what a sight! We had a lovely evening, ushering in the new year in each other’s company.



AND…I uploaded NEW items on Etsy! Do check them out when you get a chance to.

Belle Hana USD10


  1. aovana said:

    Hi, I read your post in Singapore etsy and thats how I found ur blog. Its really interesting to see the pendants you make. I am also from Spore and have lived in Melbourne for a long time and also have started my etsy store 2mths ago!!!
    Happy New yr to u! and hope to see the business times article!

  2. cherbie said:

    Aovana, Hey! Thanks! I’m so glad to see a fellow Singaporean Etsy seller also in Melbourne! I think the stuff in your store’s really interesting and hearted it so I can come back to shop with you in future! 🙂

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