So many projects…

…so little time.

So as you might be able to tell from my stuff on Etsy, I’m still trying to find my niche. I love all the stuff I’ve made so far and would definitely wear them! However, not wanting to be stuck with just one medium, I want to experiment with various mediums, mix them (as I have done a little with resin and polymer clay), and find something I truly think is unique and keep that consistent style.

Right now, I think my creations are looking more like…simple and elegant with a hint of Asian/vintage influence. Yeah?

Tomorrow, I am going to invest in a real pasta roller for my polymer clay projects so that I can hopefully get more evenly pressed clay pendants that look nice and not too handmade. I tried a batch previously (see pic below) but didn’t quite like the result.


Also got more bezels in the mail today – WHOOPEE! Gonna make some elephant shaped clays to drop into the bezels and MORE! In the meantime, however, I hope people are still browsing through my stuff on Etsy and liking the stuff enough to buy them. That way…I can afford more and better supplies! Yes, I’ve become a starving artist who lives hand to mouth. Okay, I confess: I just live off my husband. LOL.

A’ight, off to bed. Got a full day ahead of me tomorrow. Buenas noches, todos el mundo.


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