Love is in the air

Yes, this is my third post with the word “LOVE” in the title. That’s because…Valentine’s day is only a month away! Granted, I actually forgot about this day for romance till I was reminded by other Etsy sellers who have been filling up and promoting their shops with Valentine’s day related items.

This morning, I felt rather spoilt to have Bry make me some extra crispy buckwheat crepes with nutella and strawberries topped off with whipped cream for breakfast. Having a husband who can cook is such a treat. ❤


What are you doing this Valentine’s day? Going out with your husband/boyfriend/crush? Or hanging out with your BFFs? Or curling up in bed with a trashy love novel/ watching silly chick flicks? Or going out with your family (why not???)?

I don’t know what Bry and I are gonna do. Maybe grill up some steaks and watch reruns of LOST (to go along with new episodes of the show that’s starting again SOON. *Wheee*)…just like what we’ve been doing!


Little heart studs only USD5.50! : )


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