Waiting. And waiting. And waiting…

Have you ever had your patience tried and tried and tried so hard that you’ve gone from excitement to anxiety, to fury, to depression, to nonchalance, to feeling incompetent? While I remember Psalms 23 about God’s protection and guidance, Ecclesiastes about how everything has its time, and Philippians 4 about how God will supply my needs, and while I KNOW that this wait IS temporary, I do get tired of waiting sometimes and just let myself grief, whine, and cry about it (because I am only human); but for no more than 15 minutes in a day. I’ve never had to wait so long for anything in my life or feel this defeated. Ever. Maybe that’s why I’m having such a hard time dealing with it.

So my 15 minutes is up. Thanks for reading and I’m sure I’ll have good news to report on this blog. Soon.


Audrey necklace -in an oval bezel. Only USD16.50 coming soon on http://cherbie.etsy.com

  1. nyblaque said:

    hold on sister..the wait is long but it will be alright!! if it is something you were meant to have YOU WILL HAVE IT …or It may come to you in a different way in a different time..in God’s time when he knows you are ready to receive it. it’s ok to feel as you do you are HUMAN…just hold on sister hold on:)

    Be Well,


    • cherbie said:

      thank you for the encouragement. it means so so much. : )

  2. Audrey said:

    Love the necklace!! Nice name for it too!

  3. cherbie said:

    hee thank you!!! : ) i named it after my mom!

  4. sina said:

    *hugs* hang in there cheryl… 🙂

  5. jamie said:

    hugsss, hang in there =)

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