A quickie before bed…

This coming weekend, I’m going to offer another special in my shop in celebration of:

  1. Chinese New Year
  2. The new president of the U.S.A (i.e., the world – com’on, let’s be real now)
  3. Australia Day (hey, when in Rome, right)

I’ve already posted my store specials on the Etsy Forums and am hoping that once the Etsy finds guide goes out, people will find my store special thread and SHOP with me.

What’s the special? Just enter the promotional code “Shop makeover” when you checkout the item and you’ll receive 10% OFF your purchase (in addition to the special shipping prices – see STORE). Sale items are listed under the “Sale” section.

My glass tile pendants are also going on special – 2 for USD17 again!! This weekend only.

In anticipation of all that, I NEED to do a few things to my store:

  1. Re-do my banner – yes, my banner sucks…been meaning to work on it but can never find the time to!
  2. Re-do my avatar – I’m sick of using product shots….hmmm
  3. Add even MORE items to my store

Of course, I don’t know how much traffic will come through my store that day but hey you never know, right? : )

Here’s my newest item, just listed this afternoon…


Springtime Eugenia only USD17.50 @ http://cherbie.etsy.com

We’re going to TRY to drag out asses out to Federation Square in a few hours (@3a.m. Melbourne Australian time, to be specific). So, I’m going to bed now.



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