Party at 3am in Melbourne on a Tues night – whoot!

Bryan: Did you see that picture on the NY times: “The Audacity of Soap”?

11:00 AM me: no holdon
Bryan: We can go to Fed Sq tonight at 3 am:
11:02 AM i want an obama soap!
me: OMG
(go to fed square)
Bryan: i think so.
me: (and get an obama soap)
Bryan: maybe get a nap in early, head out around 2 am?
11:03 AM we’ll prolly have to walk or cab it.
me: YEs
11:04 AM Bryan: the audacity of soap.
so good!
We were originally kinda bummed when we couldn’t find the listings of any free to air TV broadcasts of Obama’s inauguration here in Australia but now that we know some place in the city is airing it, we are totally going!
And yes, we are also getting the audacity of soap. It is too awesome. This is my fav:
I’ve been looking at pictures on the NYtimes of Obama’s tour, and seeing all those happy and excited faces in the crowds of people going to catch a glimpse of the soon to be president is hyping me up for the big day tomorrow! It’s amazing to me how SO many people are excited about Obama…I mean, even Melbourne (Australia) is having a little celebration for it. Which got me thinking…if Jesus came to earth today would people be as excited?? All right, off tangent. On another (slightly) off tangent note, I’ve also been obsessing (again) about Obama’s superstar speech writer Jon Favreau; what I simply can’t get over is that he is only 6 months older than me. AND that he’s quite a good looker. Now, that’s just NOT FAIR. 😉


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