Alternative tarts…

Who said pineapple tarts need to come in the round fluttery form? Here are my indie looking tarts…

For those who know what forms pineapple tarts traditionally come in: Don’t Laugh!! They look mas o menos but they taste pretty close to how they should be; and hey I couldn’t find the right cookie cutter at the time I wanted to bake them…;)

Gonna make rolled oats cookies tonight to bring to this Chinese New Year reunion dinner at my cousin’s friend’s place (a.k.a. Nicholas’s parents’ place) tomorrow evening. That should hopefully turn out more conventional. Hee.


  1. sina said:

    Hurhur… the tarts look cute. Hey, as long as it taste good, doen’t really matter how it looks right?

    Have a great new year dearie… Gong Xi, Gong Xi!

    • cherbie said:

      sina…LOL. thank you!!!

  2. Ying said:

    Happy Chinese New Year babe! i think i’ve been overwhelmed by all the festivities here! 😛 my big sis and i have stayed home today to recover. alone time, is almost impossible! argh!! your pineapple tarts look awesome! 🙂

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