More finds on Etsy!

A mosquito kept both Bry and I up almost all night. UGH. My brain is functioning very very slowly today. But not slow enough to stop me from shopping on Etsy! Look what I found today:


Nourishing Chinese Rainfall – Aloe and Olive Oil Soap with Shea Butter USD4.50 for one bar only at

Having used aloe vera straight up from the aloe plant, I *DO* believe in the wonders of this natural remedy. It really helped heal my wounds faster and was oh, so soothing. Shea butter of course has always worked wonders for me…not to mention, the color of this soap also looks so genteel and soft, ah, I can almost smell its fragrance! Ah, if I weren’t on a buying freeze I would…like…one, por favor!


This vintage fabric has such delightful prints and the bird is so perfectly cute! Need I say more?

Iron on fun… only USD 4.50 at

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  1. rikrak said:

    oh thanks so very much, nicey! that’s so sweet of you!

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