The Victorian Bushfires

As usual, the weekend came and went so quickly! Melbourne, Australia was hit with catastrophic bushfires this weekend, where over 100 people have died and hundrends of homes have been destroyed. We’re really far from the disaster epicenter , but being in the same state as these people, naturally still feel saddened by this disaster.

This incident reminds me of the 2007 SoCal wildfires that left hundreds of people homeless, schools and businesses shut for about a week or two, ash gray skies, and evacuation camps at Qualcomm stadium and other neighboring high schools. It was a much scarier time for me back then because the raging fires were much closer to me and I also had friends who had to evacuate or were on evacuation standby. One of my English students actually saw the huge flames right behind her house and thought San Diego was under terrorist attack, before she found out it was a bushfire.

Parallels can be drawn for both incidents…some of the fires were started by arsonists and then spread under the dry weather and strong winds. But what’s crazy is the death toll in the San Diego/So Cal fires was really minimal (under 10, I think, despite its magnitude) compared to the Victorian one of about 135.

Anyhow, our thoughts and prayers over the next few days for these Melbournian victims and their families, as well as to the firefighters and staff assisting in disaster relief. May God bring you strength, endurance, consolation, and relief.

If you wish to read more about the fires, you can do so at the Sydney Morning Herald, or here on the New York Times. You may also wish to donate to the disaster relief via the Australian Red Cross.

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  1. sina said:

    hey dearie, glad you’re safe!

    My prayers goes out to the victims and families affected…

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