Slightly Etsied and Interneted out…

So I’m gonna take a little break from blogging and creating for a little bit. This will be the last new item for…awhile…


I need to start reading, studying Spanish, and exercising again.

  1. Breaks are always good. They recharge you.
    Buena suerte con tu espanol.

    • cherbie said:

      hola blueberry.
      muchas gracias. necesito muchos muchos suerte. español es muy dificíl!!

  2. Jennifer said:

    CHERYL! omg i love that one, it’s so pretty! anyway, i hope i’ll have a chance to learn spanish as well D:

  3. Jennifer said:

    hello cheryl, just to tell you that i’ve FINALLY updated my flickr haha (:

  4. aovana said:

    Definitely feeling like a break too myself! *) I love ur pics on ur garden!

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