Somewhere, over the rainbow…

There’s a pot of gold. ???? This is what we saw a few days ago, after a short (but sweet) shower over Melbourne city…In fact, there were TWO perfectly shaped rainbows. We got lucky! 🙂


I haven’t had too much inspiration to make new pieces the last few days. Maybe I’ve been distracted with other stuff, like, making a pound cake for 75 people: something I did yesterday for the Cross Culture’s ministry I helped out with at St. Jude’s (the church I’m attending in Melbourne). Whew!!! Can you imagine beating up eight sticks of butter together with thirty-two eggs…but it was all good. I left before they served the dessert but heard that people enjoyed it, which is all I could’ve asked to have happen!

This evening, will be, I think, the evening I START my exercise regiment again. I haven’t been good about keeping an exercise schedule and I think it’s about time!!!

  1. Ying said:

    whoa. that’s major! 😀 congrats on that giant pound cake and contribution to cross culture! something tells me it’s only the beginning of your mass baking! 😉 took pictures of the process and final product?

  2. aovana said:

    Hi, good to know uve started exercising! And was good to read how ur going to donate 10% of your profits..which is what Im doing. Also I just sent in a volunteering form to help out PROJECT RESPECT on my days off. It is an organisation to help women who are trafficked from overseas to australia who have been enslaved into prostitution. I feel really strongly about it so decided to help out. I guess in the end, you just need to choose a charity you feel most strongly towards.
    Nice to see the rainbow pics! u take really good pics!
    talk sn!

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