Worthy is the Lamb

Thank You for the cross, Lord. For today we observe a “symbol of the noblest of traditions.” Christian theologies, religious rules, differences, and all the other noise aside, today is the reminder of the gracious act on the cross for my sins and that of the world and His triumph over death three days later. It is this core message that drew me back from the disappointment in religion and Christianity, back to Him.

  1. undergroundchurch said:

    If given a choice which one to celebrate, which do you think it would be? His death or his resurrection.

    I love the power of his resurrection. It represents all the good and joy, power and victory (Phil 3:10), but believe it or not, Paul tells us to celebrate his death. (1 Cor 11;26)

    According to Philippians, there is fellowship in the suffering of Christ. That is where we get to know him best. That is why you were drawn back to him. Pain brings unity. Tragedy brings solidarity. Jesus’ death, brings us close to God. That sacrifice is all we need.


    • cherbie said:

      it’s interesting you asked me this question. there’s a church service going on this morning and i chose not to go but instead stayed home to reflect on His suffering. I am excited for Easter Sunday, in celebrating His resurrection. But for today, i reflect on and acknowledge His wonderful act of self sacrifice n love. 🙂 thanks for the response!

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