Vacaciones numero dos

We’re going away again. This time, back to the state of Queensland, but somewhere a little further north of the Gold Coast, to Brisbane and then even further north, to Noosa. Bry will be giving a talk at one of the university seminars in Brisbane, and I’ll just be…tagging along (that’s what wives do, right?).

Today, besides heading to the VicMart to shop for fresh produce, meats, some amazing (albeit expensive) French brie, and some awesome sourdough bread, and reading “Outliers” by Gladwell and finishing up “The Audacity of Hope” by Obama, I’ll be looking up accommodations for Brisbane and Noosa. Noosa is famous for its beautiful beach and is apparently a great surfing spot. Great for me to make my 101st attempt at this sport.

Doesn’t this look AMAZING?!?? (Photo from this person’s blog.)


Also, while I’m blogging, I would like to show you what my next little Etsy purchase will be:

These Lemon Drop Felted Wool and Zipper Earrings from the very talented LondiCreations:


So cute! I love them so very much. She’s got lots of other really unique and lovely items, too. Do drop by and have a look! 🙂

All right, gotta go start my day. Chau for now.

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