Another quickie…

Last weekend, one of my items was featured on the FP of Etsy and got me some much needed exposure and brought in some sales for me: Thanks, Etsy!!


Honey & Olive Bracelet – sold and relisted on

Last week, I started my journey into my Speech-Language Pathology career.  Yes, Finally! Thank you all who have supported me on this blog the last year, encouraging me and lifting me up when I felt down and out during my longer than expected wait for approval of my overseas credentials. I am now employed to provide speech and language services to eight different primary schools in a school district. It’s challenging, and the caseload is definitely a lot bigger than what most people are used to in California (thanks to state laws there limiting caseload sizes), but I’m loving every minute of it.

This weekend, I fly to Singapore to see my family and then fly with them to Vietnam for a Yap family only vacation for a few days. (Yes, I’m taking a vacation merely 2 weeks after commencing my job. Go ahead, envy me!!!) I’m looking forward to it, and oddly enough, I’m also looking forward to returning to Melbourne at the end of the month to see Bry again! We would’ve been apart for a little over 2 weeks by the time we meet again at the end of this month. Yes, we did the whole long distance relationship across continents during our younger days, and even lived in different cities up until we got married, but I have gotten so used to waking up next to Bry every morning in the last 8 month,s that…not having him around the last week has been a little…odd. ^^

So those are the updates from me. I might drop by to say “HI” while in Singapore or in Vietnam. In the meantime, do continue to check out Cherbie’s Creations online @, and browse other fabulous finds on Etsy!!!

  1. ying said:

    everyone must be trying to get 5 min with you now that you’ve touched down on home soil!! COFFEE! something! SOON! dont know when you’re flying to vietnam…HAVE A BALL with family…i know you will…and take HEAPS of photos!

  2. c. said:

    hello !

    i found your blog through google. just visited your etsy shop and have fallen in love with one of your necklaces. i don’t wear jewelry but i may just start to. :))

    hope you have a lovely time in singapore !

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