i found a saturday job working @ a nice n well stocked private clinic not too far from where we live. i never thought i’d do early intervention but i think i’m quite open to it now! i also see a couple of kids with autism, which has been awesome.

this last week i’ve been feeling sick. it started with a scratchy throat on tuesday. then the chills on wednesday. when i thought i was getting better on thursday, my nose gave way on fri. and today, after my sat sessions dealing with a couple of the clients who have been sick the last few days, the flu erupted. 😦

i’ll probably have to give church a miss tomorrow. but it’s imperative that i stay home n make sure i’m en route to recovery before starting up another busy week on monday.

anyhow, being sick means i get to spend time in front of my computer. updating my blog, catching up on news, updating my FB status once every other hour, and, most importantly, SHOPPING ONLINE! saw a bag @ banana republic that i REALLY want, and some tops from forever 21 that i would’ve bought if i were in the US of A. oh, i miss shopping in america. ugh.

but, well, i did buy stuff online – two tops from, run by a haley, clothing designer and maker based in melbourne, victoria – i love her OOAK upcycled clothing. and better yet, she has 30% off storewide this weekend only. so go check out her store NOW.


(one of my favorite tops in her store, only going for USD 70 before 30% discount. but too bad the size L aint gonna fit me, a size 0!!)


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