i had one of the worst menstrual cramps ever today. it happened late morning and was so painful i could not walk, stand, or even sit up straight. of course it did not help that my day started with a parent walking out on me in the middle of our meeting, in tears, because she thought i was insinuating she was a bad parent. it also did not help that all morning, i had to run around to look for teachers, students, make phonecalls, try to get students interested in tasks, etc.

it was one of those days.

i decided to leave at 2pm – and return to the school to see the other kids on friday morning. which was wise because i got to go home early,  sit on the couch, fight my cramps, do research on the internet, and blog.

menstrual cramps really get to me every month: they usually attack me in the night and wake me from my sleep. even the maximum dosage of panadol cannot totally quell the pain and i typically go back to bed in tears but fall asleep shortly after out of sheer tiredness. i usually feel better about twelve hours after, much to my relief (and to bry’s sanity). cramps for me is usually the pinnacle in this whole ordeal called pms (pre menstrual symptom).

this topic might be a real turn off, especially to men, but it is real. i did not really want to blog about it before, thinking it is too grotesque. but really, it is not. it’s a condition. a condition that needs to be understood and managed. in fact, apparently, almost 60% of women deal with some form of pms.

my battle with pms is not unknown either to those around me: while i have been able to control my moods slightly better these last few years, my physical symptoms have escalated –  about two days before my period, my heartbeat increases, i have trouble sleeping, my body temperature increases and i tend to break out in sweat in the nights, and i tend to have sudden bursts of energy (which i try to channel to exercise). while i know my pms is not unmanageaeble, i and that i can do something about it, i haven’t. but i think it’s time to really start paying attention and manage it. i’ve scoured websites and will be in the next few months trying out diets that have been suggested to help. foods with higher calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, for example, have been thought to improve these symptoms.

i’ll try to blog about my selection of foods and their effectiveness. hopefully self remedy will help improve my symptoms. being a women is tough enough normally. i don’t need this extra pain to affect my quality of life (and my family’s!!).

in the meantime, i think i am off to take another dose of panadol that will hopefully help ease the pain.

  1. Cynthia said:

    Hey Cheryl, sorry to hear about your day. You might like to try a Chinese remedy for your cramps. I’ll take dan gui after my period, when the blood has completely cleared up. I do it the old fashioned way & double boil it with an egg. I’d eat the egg & drink the soup, which has a pretty nice flavour. It works wonders & there’s no cramps during the next menses! There might be dan gui pills if you don’t want to bother doing it yourself.

    • cherbie said:

      hey cynthia thanks so much for the recommendation! i’ll check it out!!

  2. Cynthia said:

    oh i forgot to mention that i add red dates too, as they are for building blood! have pain free menses soon!

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