happy halloween!!!

okay so this post is like a day late. i’ve been too busy with non virtual activities to keep on top of things here. anyway, much to my disappointment, (which i had already anticipated) halloween in australia is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD. pun unintended. we went to a restaurant dressed up in outfits (that weren’t even too outlandish) and realized we were the only ones dressed up for the occasion apart from the servers and a candy dispensing transformer dude (who, by the way, was awesome).


yes, yes, i was super lazy and went with my cowgirl outfit for the second time and promise it will be my LAST TIME doing that. next year i’ll plan ahead and really get a fun or at least different costume going. yes.

despite the lack of halloween spirit in this town (again pun unintended), we still had fun just being out there and representin’. but i miss how ridiculously big it is in the US. i miss having cutely dressed up kids come over trick or treating. hopefully next year we’ll see more people dressed for the occasion.


hope you had all the candy, pumpkin seeds, apple cider, laughs, spooks, and boooze till you’re hurting the next morning.


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