bike dates <3

ever since i took on the saturday job, bryan and i haven’t had as much time to spend with each other. which is why sundays have become so much more precious for us. bry recently bought us new bikes – mine is a cool mountain bike with gears and brakes that work smoothly (unlike my old one that squeaked and required the strength of an ox to get the brakes going), and bry’s is a fancy bike with hybrid tires.

of course, our bikes are a far cry in terms of style and cool factor (and cost) when compared with my dad’s (who is an avid biker and whose bike costs more than two round trip air tickets to the USA). nevertheless, for fair weather cyclists like us, our current bikes will suffice.

we’ve been cycling to the parks, checking out different parts of town, and really just spending fun, quality time together. yesterday, we again cycled from our place to the royal botanic gardens (about 20km round trip). the botanic gardens is such a pretty place especially in the spring. the floral and fauna collection there is immense and the landscaping is delightful. it’s kind of a perfect backdrop for a date. the weather was also beautiful: blue skies, cool, dry breezes amidst the warm sun. .there, we hung out at the tea house and sipped our favorite chai latte, while chatting away and taking in other fun sights like the little wedding ceremony in the park, kiddos with odd gaits trying to run up the slope, yuppies playing fetch with their dogs, families with young and old enjoying a picnic together…

i love these beautiful afternoons with b. and hope the weekend weather doesn’t get too hot so we can keep biking around town together!


(Photo circa 2008, from our old bike ride phase this time last year.)

  1. meiyi said:

    sounds like giant doses of fun babe!!! *hugs* lots of love!! from freezing singapore… yea man. it’s been cold on our little island…. most pple on the train are wearing sweaters.

  2. cherbie said:

    really!!! i am looking forward to cold weather in singapore! it’s apparently gonna be 37 deg c this thurs here. i’m gonna hide in a room and not leave.

  3. aovana said:

    Try going to the plant craft cottage in the botanic gardens. Its open on sunday!! They have a lot of stuff there on crafts involving plants. And they sell some little items the craft group makes too at a very reasonable plants. I just love the cottage for being surrounded by gorgeous greenery. A refreshing place to go to..

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