love affair with the korean (food)

we had delicious home cooked galbi at a korean australian friend’s place tonight. she’s also lucky to have her mom live in the same town, which means she gets home made kimchi and was able to generously share it with us tonight. not to be a kimchi (or korean food) snob, but any korean person will tell you that mass produced kimchi bought in stores is almost always inferior to the ones carefully pickled at home. no, i’m not korean, but being married to one has certainly made me more particular about this. unfortunately, i have not penetrated the kimchi making world and in the last year away from the K-in-law’s, we’ve gone through jars of unsatisfactory tasting mass made kimchis. we’ve been lucky to have a couple of korean friends who have sporadically fed us with home made kimchi, and tonight was one of those lucky nights for us!

the well marinated and cooked galbi, home made kimchi, delightful korean style cucumber salad, really put our taste buds over the moon.

tonight’s meal also really reminded me that i need to try out more korean recipes. it was kind of an unspoken promise i made to bry’s mom when we left LA for melb, that i will endeavor to keep feeding bry with korean food. jang jo rim, a pickled beef meat, will be first on my list! as for kimchi…? hopefully i’ll get to make it sometime in the next 5 years.

  1. meiyi said:

    what is galbi ah? if it’s that brown stuff in the pic, it sure looks like a scary part of some animal… It reminds me of the braised duck tongue that was offered to me once at the office. Jia you with the Korean cooking babe!!!

  2. cherbie said:

    galbi is shown in the picture in this post. it’s just beef spare ribs which i guess to some people could be scary. depending on your definition!


  3. aovana said:

    Steve loves galbi fact it is his favv dish. Sometimes we get the galbi from korean grocery shops then bbq them. its great!
    Homemade Kimchi is the best.. I agree. I used to go to this korean restaurant and buy it off them. Good for warding off colds imo.. 8)

  4. cherbie said:

    you got a korean restaurant to sell them to you! wow. i tried at a restaurant but they didn’t want to be enterprising in that way…

    good to hear that steve is into galbi – go korean food! heh. i think we’re gonna try to make the marinate from scratch. will let u know how it goes.

  5. Jamie said:

    I bought a little recipe book on Korean dishes recently.

    Of course, that’s the farthest I’ve gone. heh. Can’t wait to see you in Dec! =)

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