i smell the holidays…!!

yes, exactly one month from today we’ll be back in my hometown singapore! i cannot wait to see the fam and friends, soak in the humidity, fight the crowds, shop, and eat up all the yummy food on that island. people think i’m crazy when i say this, but i truly miss singapore. in fact, i have dreams to move back to singapore and set up a private practice there. we shall see!

the color coordinated us in singapore last year for our wedding! in changi (not that you could tell…).

  1. ying said:

    🙂 yay. come back to escape the heat! How long will you stay for?

  2. cherbie said:

    10 days and then for about 5 days in jan!

  3. ying said:

    sweet. 🙂 will Bryan be coming too?

  4. ying said:

    argh. i will be in Msia starting 26th Dec til the new year, 3 Jan!

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