In Tassie (Tasmania)

Yup. Got here yesterday bright n early in the a.m. To Hobart one of two main cities in this island state. It’s about 1.15 hours flight from Melbourne.

We went straight to Bruny Island about 1 hour south of Hobart. Absolutely picturesque and fun. It was a total wildlife galore! An island full of national parks, wallabies crossing roads, sheep and lamb and cow sighting and miniature horse haven…we even saw an echidna waddling up a little slope by the roadside, its fat ass swinging from side to side. Cuteness overload!

Before we left the island we stopped off at a cheese factory n tasted some delightfully pungent cheese, n then at an oyster hut where we had THE best fresh oysters ever for only a dollar a piece. How do they make money off such fantastic oysters? The flesh was so succulent and tasty, we bought two dozen and literally finished them in seconds. Could have totally gotten more.

Took the crazy adventure cruise that took us to see some crazy rock formations and blowholes. I got totally seasick from the very very VERY choppy boat ride. We’re talking swells of about 2m high. Crazy but worth the adventure. Saw some seals and beautiful birds.

Now we’re back in Hobart. it’s a pretty town full of restored buildings and preserved historical sites. I love old towns.

Thank God for the great weather so far. would love to upload a photo or two to go with this post unfortunately the iPad does not yet have a cam function attached. Apart from that the iPad is pretty rad. Great to take on trips!

Gonna rest up now. More updates later!

  1. aovana said:

    Wow 8) Im SO glad u did the eco- adventure cruise !! Yup it is very choppy on the ocean but so worth it right? (apart from seasickness). When I did it, I thought I nearly could get sick with the rough seas but I didn’t. Steve said to me that I should bring my dad to do it with us Again! I said.. Nope.I am happy to do this adventure cruise just once in my whole life!8)

    • cherbie said:

      i hear you! our skipper was this young aussie guy without a care in the world…when riding the swells he was steering the boat like it was no biggie. which i guess kinda helped coz i really thought our boat was not going to make it!! like a rollercoaster ride!! but it was worth it. once in my life. LOL.

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