OK, I am probably the only one I know who doesn’t have an iPhone or an iPad. Or a Blackberry, or any phone with some kind of a mobile web function. I fail at being Asian.

Well, actually, I have thought about all the above.  In fact, I have been ruminating over this for months – to get a new phone or not? I do enjoy using the iPad tremendously (not mine, Bry’s): in fact, a lot more than I thought I would, and did enjoy using my dad’s iPhone. I am also fully aware that there are cool apps on the phone/pad that could be useful for my speech therapy sessions. Whilst tried to forget about ever wanting an iPhone, I still look and at times still debate this decision (or perhaps, get an iPad??!!). This article in the NYTimes may be what pushes me over that hill: Toddlers’ Favorite Toy: the iPhone (just the bits supporting the use of the iPhone with toddlers).

I’m totally torturing myself with this debate again.

I might also add that I’m cheap (you can already guess) and aint fond of spending money on electronic gizmos. But, logically, the iPhone could change my life and help me with my work. But (again) if I get the iPhone, will I want to get the iPad eventually, too? I enjoy reading books and being able to do more stuff with the iPad.

Oh, consumerism!!!


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