Tomato-Mint Quinoa salad

I’ve been meaning to try quinoa as a rice substitute, and today was THE day I did. Quinoa is reportedly really high in proteins and fiber, and has just the right amount of amino acids that humans need. A lot of vegetarians have switched to using this in their cooking and have raved about it. It’s quite pricey (paid AUD4 for 250grams) and only selected stores sell it.

I found this delightful sounding salad recipe with quinoa on allofrecipes: Tomato-Mint Quinoa Salad, and the result was amazing. It’s easily one of my favorite salads I’ve made and had. It’s worth a try!

  1. aovana said:

    I use black quinoa and barley in soups as well. I love the texture.

  2. cherbie said:

    oh! at the vic mart i saw red ones but not black. mmm where do you get yours from?

  3. aovana said:

    i got mine from the Coles supermarket (health food section) under Macro label..

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