Holy moly

I bought a bag of Korean-type mushroom spores (in saw dust, dirt) at the Vic Mart a couple weeks ago for about $5, with the promise that it will yield at least about 400g of mushrooms. The guy who sold this to me said that one just had to sprinkle some water into the bag about once ever other day, and leave it in a dark and dry room, and see some results in about a week or so. So I did that pretty religiously for about a week, and then forgot about it for 4 days. On the 5th day, I opened the laundry room door (where I put the dirt bag) and saw this:

Holymoly!! About 50g of mushrooms grew in 5 days! Of course I immediately took a pair of scissors snipped them and cooked them in garlic. It was pretty satisfying to eat the fruit of my “labor”. 😉


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