Pesto Chicken Packets

Bought a pot of fully grown basil leaves last weekend, and decided to make pesto with it. I was about to start cooking up some pasta to go with the sauce but decided to try something new instead. I found a dozen recipes with pesto in a matter of millisecs on the good ol’internets. The Pesto Chicken Packets recipe sounded the best (and easiest) of all. I admit being a little bit skeptical at first because it called for mayonnaise. I didn’t dare use as much of it but I think it added a nice sour flavor to the mix and after tasting the chicken, wished I used MORE of it! Also, unable to stay away from spicey stuff for more than two meals, I added some chilli flakes for that zing. AND the result was pretty phenom!!! For sides, I baked some Lawry’s seasoned potato wedges, and some mint, parsley, and cucumber salad with caramalized balsamic vinegar.  Quite a perfect Friday evening dinner for one.


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