Lady of leisure

We returned from our annual US vacation about two Fridays ago, and because the kiddos are still on school hols here, I am on a reduced work schedule. This has allowed me to spend quality time with Bry, make minor cosmetic changes to our home, catch up on news and reading, and exercise.

I love being a lady of leisure. When I have a job. Somewhat of a paradox, yes, but really, isn’t is sweeter to be able to enjoy being on a break from work on your employer’s expense? 🙂

I mentioned that one of my new year’s resolutions is to resume reading books, and I have and rediscovered the joy of picking up a book (or experienced the satisfaction of thumbing e-book pages on an iPad) to read.

I got to finish a couple of great books over our trip that I HIGHLY recommend:

  • Man’s search for meaning by Viktor Frankl
  • Tattoos on the heart by Father Gregory Boyle

Both are non-fiction.  The former is an autobiographical account of Holocaust survivor and Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, using his experiences and analyzing feelings and thoughts about them thereafter to find meaning behind the suffering and break free from the horrific episode that left many of his friends and family, including his first wife, dead. The second part of his book is devoted to discussing how this concept could be helpful in therapy (logotherapy).

The second book, Tattoos on the heart is chock full of anecdotal stories about a Priest’s work with gang members in East Los Angeles. His indomitable spirit and selflessness emanated time and time again in the recounts. Reading about his love, faith, and hope for and in these people literally brought tears at times. I love how he weaves in quotes, scripture, meta-thoughts, spiritual concepts in the book. Some parts are lighthearted and some parts shows his frustration, which I felt makes him human and relate-able.

Am currently (re) reading:

  • The curious incident of a dog in the nighttime by Mark Haddon

and reading:

  • Notes from a small island by Bill Bryson
  • The facebook effect by David Kirkpatrick (NOT the book on which the award winning film “The social network” was based; that is “The accidental billionaire” by Ben Mezrich).

Some books on my current “wish list”:

  • Little house on the prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder (been meaning to re-read one of my favorite childhood books in soooo long!)
  • Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro
  • Battle hymn of the tiger mother by Amy Chua
  • Cinderella ate my daughter by Peggy Orenstein
  • The blind side by John Lee Hancock
  • Intelligence and how to get it by Richard Nisbett
  • The everlasting man by G.K.Chesterton
  • The screwtape letters by C.S. Lewis

I know this is completely dorky, but I am so excited to go through this list! I feel lucky to get time to do this…tho, I have only about 4 more days of relaxed days ahead of me; school is back in session next week. Enjoy it while it lasts!


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