Buenos dias todo el mundo

Delicious home made granola is surprisingly easy to make when u have the right recipe.

From: http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/stovetop-granola/Detail.aspx

Bry and I both enjoy our granola a little burned so I cooked the it for about 8-10 mins, and the brown sugar with butter n honey for an additional min or two than what was stated in the recipe. I also used a little less butter than recommended. This granola I made didn’t have nuts or dried fruit. Straight up ol’fashioned rolled oats. Love it esp after it caramelizes. I love it with yogurt, some frozen strawberries, and melon. Just gotta get us some parfait glasses to recreate McDonald’s Yogurt Parfait (which I was so addicted to when I was living in America…they were on the dollar menu and the poor student in me would go for anything cheap. For that price, they actually pretty good! But uhm this one I made is waaay better.)

Happy Sunday! If you’re in Melbourne, Australia, try to stay cool in today’s forecasted heatwave.


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