Judgmental Christians

Aren’t we call to love, and show God’s compassion and love to the world? Yes, there are certain things in the Bible that God disdains, but aren’t we also supposed to still show our love and thoughts to them? We aren’t perfect, so why do we force others into perfection and in living as what we believe to be God’s way when they have no belief in God or Jesus in the first place? Whatever happened to praying and showing love and care to our peers instead, and making sure WE live our lives as Jesus would like us to? Why are we so quick to cast the first stone when we are filled with sin and filth, too. Why do we take a higher moral ground when clearly God said there is none without sin and that we are supposed to show forth humility? How did we Christians become this overbearing, judgmental, obsessed, and unpleasant group of people?


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