I heart SG

I truly do. This is home. Where I can be myself, speak my fast paced broken English, not make small talk if I don’t want to because nobody expects that, have 100001 things to do if I choose to, meet and hang out with people because thankfully I still have tons of friends here, and people just get me here. They just get it. I love being in the majority again. I love not having any mysteriousness about me. Being the “other”. Nope, I’m part of the crowd and I love it.

Of course, best of all about being home is getting to indulge in delicious home-cooked and cheap hawker center food.

  1. meiyi said:

    *HUGS* i’m glad to hear all that. haha… one of your visits back i nicknamed you ‘The Expat’. Welcome home babe… and i think you can truly sing Home with all your heart. I’ll see you the next time you get back. I’m glad that you wanted to meet up… that was enough for me. hahhaa….

  2. cherbie said:

    🙂 thx

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