Winter warmer number one


Now that winter is unofficially officially here in Melbourne (the Australians believe winter is here but the solstice is not until a week or so later, apparently; this country!) and I’ve been regaining my appetite for most foods, I’ve started to try out different winter foods, e.g., soups. Here’s what I made yesterday: osso bucco minestrone soup.

1 X osso bucco (bone with a hole), celery, diced tomatoes, onions, carrots, fresh tomatoes, zucchini, and some parsley to garnish.

The trick is really to coat the osso bucco in salt and flour, then pan fry over oil (or butter n garlic like I did) to get the most flavor out of the meat. Then, caramelize the onions separately over medium heat until they’re nice and translucent, also to get the most flavor out. Finally, throw in the rest of the vegs to sautee for a little bit until fragrant, and add water and the osso bucco. Leave to slow cook for 45-60 mins (or however long). The result is a beautiful, flavorful, and rather healthy n hearty soup. And all fresh ingredients used! Garnish with parsley and some cracked pepper/chili flakes. I also added in some pasta later to have a one dish meal, but it also goes well with bread rolls and perhaps even rice.

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  1. aovana said:

    The other thing I do differently is to fry some anchovies with the onions. The anchovies melt in the onions and gives the dish a salty flavour that goes v well with osso bucco. also I use some italian bean mix , chicken stock and white wine in the dish. And I generally cook my osso bucco soups for about 2-3 hours 8). But osso bucco soups are so nourishing in winter! Great post! 8)

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