The busy (pregnant) bee has no more energy

This weekend (and last week) has been absolutely busy, mostly by choice. I got to go for walks and catch up with friends and cooking experiments, as well as finish some of the many reports I have to write for work.

And whilst I was really enjoying all the energy and checking off things on my “to-do” list, it suddenly hit me at around 7pm today: I’m completely exhausted. I have now used up nearly all of my energy and should really go to bed early.

So here I am, saying “Goodnight, world” at 930pm. To hopefully be revitalized to face another very busy week ahead.

  1. Ao said:

    Well you are carrying yourself and a bub, so no wonder u are tired. Do sleep more while u can , becoz once the baby is born, u would be deprived of sleep! 8)

    • cherbie said:

      😉 definitely!!!

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