Smoking at home

To mark the end of the Masterchef Australia season, I tried this new cooking technique I learned from watching the show: smoking meat. I used salmon because it smokes/cooks really quickly AND because, a pregnant woman needs her Omega-3 nutrients from the fish!

With a wok, some aluminum foil, brown sugar, fresh tea leaves, metal rack, and a lid,…here’s what I did:


Put tea leaves, brown sugar, and some water in an aluminum foil, and line the wok with that foil. Then place a rack over the foil, cover the wok with a lid, and turn on a medium heat. Once the tea leaves begin to smoke…


Rub the salmon with some salt first. Then, add in the salmon on the wire rack and cover the lid. Let the smoke and heat cook the salmon for about 15 mins. The salmon will be beautifully smoked and flaky.


Use your smoked salmon in whatever way you want. I used it in my home-made pesto based spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice. I was extremely pleased with this dish. The pink of the salmon also looked amazingly fresh and vibrant. Needless to say, Bry really, really enjoyed this dish, too, which made me even more delighted.

I’m anticipating more smoking in the future!

Tip: keep your windows open when you smoke this. You want as much ventilation as possible as it gets pretty smoky when you do this.

Tip for home-made pesto: I added a few drops of lime in my pesto and the zesty flavor complemented the basil herbs and cheese pretty well.


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